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Revolution Place GM talks business after six months on the job

Feb 14, 2017

Revolution Place welcomed a new general manager in mid-September, and Scott Clark (pictured) is settling into the position quite well.
When asked about losing out on some major artists to the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek, Clark says that is simply part of the industry.
"The entertainment business is such that it's a pool of revenue. We want to see them succeed, I'd like to see them do well. Of course, we're going to do well as well. The more dollars that are spent in entertainment, it's good for all the facilities. But nonetheless, we'll compete, and we'll compete fiercely."
He added the economy has certainly slowed things down in our region.
"When the biggest cost you have for putting on a show is the talent, and you put on 35 per cent added cost on currency exchange, it can make these things difficult," he explained. "That's why there's less touring happening through Canada, and why there has been the last couple years."
Clark said they have some exciting acts to announce in the not too distant future, but stopped short of going into any detail.
One thing he would like to do is use Bowes Family Garden more.
"I believe there's an opportunity there to have a lot more activity in that space. A lot of the smaller acts that can draw 1,000-1,200 people, the Bowes Family Garden can make a real intimate atmosphere for an evening." said Clark. "Before Christmas, we had the Celtic Thunder in (Bowes Family Garden). Great show."
Long-time Revolution Place general manager Jane Cada-Sharp left the position in 2016.
- Trevor Snell

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