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Small fire in washroom at local high school

Feb 14, 2017

City fire crews were called to Charles Spencer High School just before 11 a.m. this morning to a report of a fire in a washroom at the school.

"We found a small amount of combustibles on a washroom floor that had been lit,” said Platoon Chief Steve Larsen. "The sprinklers did not go off. The fire alarm system did go off and the school was evacuated."

He says there were no injuries and an investigation is underway.

"I do not know what was lit on fire.  It was combustibles, I believe it was some paper products."

Larsen says the school handled the situation properly.

"The school did a great job. That's what we always request from anybody who has an alarm of this nature is to evacuate the building to be safe and that helps the fire department to concentrate on mitigating the problem as opposed to evacuating people and dealing with that."

Students were let back in within under an hour. 


- Sheena Roszell/ts

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