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City declines County request to write letter of support regarding 43-43X interchange

Feb 14, 2017

A city committee has decided not to ask the mayor to write a letter supporting the County of Grande Prairie's stance on having an interchange built right away at Highway 43 and the new Highway 43X.
Councillor Chris Thiessen says the committee recently heard a presentation on that planned intersection from Alberta Transportation.
"It's going to have the right-turn off-ramp to go onto Highway 43 and any direct traffic that's going to come that would hit the lights, they're coming into the city and turning left, they would hit those lights. The speed limits would be set and the engineering safety protocols followed."
Thiessen says the committee was also told having the interchange right away would be too expensive.
"(The) province did not have the money to invest into a large interchange system as per the request by the County. As a chair of safety (the city's Community Safety Committee) and a member of city council in Grande Prairie, I was just happy to see we're doing Highway 43X, a road that's been needed in this region for awhile and I don't want to push them to spend more dollars than they have and I think maybe eventually we will get to that, but at this point I think it would be an unnecessary spend on the province's part."
The County is worried about having an intersection close to Richmond Hill, especially in the winter.
- Curtis Galbraith

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