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City Hall looking at lower speed limits in some spots

Feb 15, 2017

City staff in Grande Prairie are being asked to look at possible lower speed limits in certain areas.
The request to look at this by Councillor Kevin O'Toole did not specify what limit or areas of the city should be looked at.
"You know, if you were to talk to the neighbourhood associations, they've probably got certain areas that they feel are high hazard, where trucks can go fast and there's children around playgrounds, around gathering points."
He adds this might help protect kids going to and from school when they are not in school zones.
"We thought, maybe, if could reduce the speed limits in certain neighbourhoods because of the configuration of the roads, winding roads or whatever it happens to be, where it would give more distance to see, more time to see if you slowed down."
O'Toole acknowledges some research has found that having variable speed limits can be more dangerous.
- Curtis Galbraith

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