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Peace River and La Glace advance in Small Town Saturday Night concert giveaway

Feb 16, 2017

La Glace and Peace River have made the top 10 in a contest to land a Gord Bamford fund-raising concert.
Both have advanced to the next round of the Small Town Saturday Night concert giveaway, organized by the Big Valley Jamboree.
LaGlace spokesperson Tamara Lunde says this is "absolutely huge" for her community.
"The help you guys have given us has just been tremendous and we appreciate that. It's just really been a matter of sharing it and getting our name out there and asking for the votes."
The next step will see each community have a video made and posted online for the final round of voting.
"By the sounds of it, it's supposed to be kind of a documentary-style about our community and to just show everybody what we're about and what we do as a group."
The film crew will be in LaGlace Sunday. An agenda will soon be posted on the LaGlace Ag. Society Facebook page.
- Curtis Galbraith/ts

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